Dharmendra Nayak

Who joined the trust on 21st November 2013, said it’s my honour to express something about my journey so far in Harsha Trust.’ He did his masters in Social work from the Utkal University and is currently working as an Executive of a Project in Sinapali.
He joined this organization as he thought since he has done social work, it would be beneficial for him. When asked, Mr. Nayak said ‘To be honest there was a vacancy in Sinapali one of my friends Gourang Barik who is working in Jharogaon right now referred me.
One of the interesting things was I always like to be interviewed by some very good professionals who will ask me in English. Earlier my friend Gourang told me that Payal mam is there she is from Sussex and the way Harsha is taking interview it is quite difficult to qualify. Then I made up my mind that no I will take this as a challenge whether I able to qualify or not I will learn something. As a social work professional my initial thought was to work in Livelihood and at that time Harsha was one of the leading organization in Odisha in Livelihood. My friends also told me that the system of Harsha is so different and unique. It is different from Traditional NGOs in Odisha. These are the factors boosted me to join Harsha.’

He also mentioned how he found this organization to be unique and different. Since he joined in 2013, the organization was well developed, he still noticed a certain amount of growth. I have noticed sectoral growth in this organization and I felt why this organization is so unique and different what I have mentioned in above point. If you talk about growth TRANSPARENCY is the major growth in this organization since inception. Initially we had small area, employees, project and fund we were transparent even now we have funds like SDTT, ABF, NABARD, JDTT, SRTT, OTELP, JK TRUST and Many more we are transparent.
Another thing is our outreach is our growth. The way we are cruising at that moment with our passionate professionals in numbers and outreach towards endemically poor is our major growth. Since the HR system came into force we are creating groomed professionals by giving them need based training. There is sexual harassment cell in active and quite sensitive to the issues with Female professionals. It’s a compact organization with the facilities what govt is providing to its employees.
The challenges that I faced in this organization is the language barrier in the field. Initially I was a reticent guy who likes to be silent that was challenge for me to work amongst my team members.
His vision was absolutely clear when he joined the organization, According to him his vision was very simple of this trust when he joined that just to see of early days what is going on. Then after 6 months he Stepped on the gas when he knew what exactly he had to do by aligning his vision with Organizations vision. Now his vision is to work with more poor families in Sinapali.
Since, he worked in Sinapali, for him the experience was certainly different from that of the other members, he had a raw and a personal experience wherein he learnt a lot of new things. He sure feels that people are slowly understanding the vision and working along. He shared when initially people did not understand r shared their vision while working in Sinapali in December 2013. But he also says, ‘our image building process is also an indication that people have understood our vision. We are getting invitation from adjacent villages to our operational areas. The term which we were concentrating LIVELIHOOD is very much centralized to people’s problem and by addressing livelihood issue we will able to reach 4 lakhs families by 2018.’
For him a factor that stayed with him was the fact that there is no Hierarchy between staffs like other typical organization. The bossism factor is Zero what I was thinking earlier and I am free here.