Soumyajeet Swain

When asked Mr. Soumyajeet Swain, coordinator (project) said that he had joined the trust in June 2010 and had basically joined because he liked to help people and wanted to do something on a grass root level, he was previously associated with Reliance and heard of this organization through a friend. Furthermore, he also wanted to develop his skills for helping the community.
Similarly, When having a conversation with Mr. Soumyajeet Swain, this organization introduced him to a lot many new things that helped him in his personal life.
He mainly realized as to how people in the poor areas could not manage or afford things and also taught him about group strength. He mentioned about his transfer to Raygada and how he saw a disturbing atmosphere there. He was working with his team and was new to the team but learnt how to unite and stay together and face all the consequences and today he says “That was the best team I worked with.”
When asked about the growth he has seen among these years, he said that the efficiency has certainly moved up, the Outreach has increased. The capacities of the organization and increased and moreover, the relationship with the stake holders is in a good state in an organizational level.
For Mr. Soumyajeet, the vision for him is to reach 1 lakh families at least and also make a person visualize his or her dreams.