Debasis Pati

Coming down on the contemporary line, DebasisPati who joined the organization on 2nd May 2014, joined recently and is passionate about working with this trust. When asked what made him join this organization, he had a blissful answer saying, I have shifted myself from a Govt. outfit, St & SC Development Dept. Govt. of Odisha. I have been positioned as the unit head. But the type of job I was handling is not better than a senior clerk. Though I am by profession an Agro Engineer I managed to get very less time to exercise my skill, professional knowledge & support as required by the field units.
Harsha Trust is known to me since its inception & also this is partner to the program which I was facilitating at Govt. Dept. I know very well the governance structure & processes of HT earlier. At a particular time I was fade up with the earlier job want to shift to such an organization where I can breathe & walk freely. HT has rightly responded me & positioned me as a part of the Decision Making unit of the Organisation. Surprisingly I am now hand holding the Teams who are engaged in the Program of St & SC Dev. Dept. where I was earlier a unit head. Deliberately I have accepted the assignment to put myself on the other side of the table & experience the functioning of the partnership program from a NGO perspective. Apart from this I know very well that I can contribute to the growth of the organization being a part of the decision making unit.

For him the growth period has been very short to notice but what he believes& feels is- I am translating those into words. Organisation has put itself into a tough challenging position by deliberately attempting to expand the target at all level; initiated installation of an unified MIS for the Organsiation, Developing Annual Planning process from last year in a structural manner. The major growth I can see now a sense of believe of all team members especially TLs to get into more challenging target for ourselves in order to maintain the credibility & win over the struggle for existence in the development sector.

The challenge is that mainstreaming these sporadic initiations & system establishment, strong HR unit, enhanced capacity of the professionals to contribute towards the enlarged vision of the Organisation, developing a rewarding system for performers. The coordination & transformation of Management thought process with field team performers. Enhancing the confidence of the Board & ED on the whole unit for taking up a bigger challenge is also to be worked upon.

Although, he slightly had a different perspective when it came to understanding the vision by the other members, he had a thoughtful saying stating, No I do not think so. By statement many may have remembered, but by sense very few have the in depth values of the statement. Yes we have started sharing this vision consciously in different Teams & trying to define the meaning of high sounding words like ‘QUALITY of LIFE’ recently. The reason being the type of projects the teams are involved in. Multi donor programs throughout the teams will definitely hamper the uniformity in sharing, progressing & conceptualizing the Vision & Process to be followed for reaching out the Vision.

He sees the trust in the next five years to be Reaching out to at least 5 Lakhs families with clear visible impact on their lives & more importantly with a satisfied Professional Team (Nos. can be discussed) having an average age of at least 3-4 yrs in the organization.

For him working in South Odisha has been an experience to be accounted and has had various factors that inspired him, he quotes Being a part of the Management & also facilitating Field Teams simultaneously itself contrary to each other. Bringing the coordination in both is always a tough task to be accomplished. Management always want tough assignments without very well connected with the reality of the Field situation. Field Team always wants to establish their issues tough than the management. So bringing both ideas to one level & moving ahead with the Organisation road map is the task I learned here in Harsha Trust. The Organisational system is also playing a vital role in making this happen.
I am posted in South Odisha, Koraput& facilitating teams at most difficult locations like Bandhugaon, Boipariguda, etc. apart from part time support to other teams in other locations. If you go through my entire career journey, you find the answer; I have spent the entire time in the field especially with Tribal community from Sundargarh, Bolangir, Gajapati to Koraput. The most motivating factor is the space & need of the projects for these locations. The inspiring factor is my Wife who has generously supported me throughout my journey, she used to leave alone in difficult locations for days when I was out, cared for my only son in my absence & taken over the entire family responsibility. Motivation of self & mental support of your kins is equally necessary for the type of job we are in.
Here in we shared an experience who had just joined the trust in 2014, the journey for different people has been different, most importantly for the person who had the inception and the entire concept of this trust.