Bismaya Mohapatra

The creator, the person who came up with this entire idea and concept who has been determined and faithful in building up this dream of doing so much for the poor.
When asked why did he name the trust Harsha, he said Harsha is “happiness”! Our mission was to bring happiness in the lives of the rural poor!
He was the founder of the Trust, and believed that we professionals by working closely with the communities can bring changes in the lives of the rural disadvantaged poor! He has been in this journey since the very beginning back in 2002.
For him the trust has been like a child growing, he has seen the trust grow. He’d put down his thoughts saying ‘The organization has grown in size and outreach. The biggest challenge was to retain good quality human resource to work at the grassroots with the rural poor. Livelihoods being complex takes years to establish, this at times can be unnerving for younger colleagues who come out from Universities wanting to change things in a hurry.’ He had a strong vision That the trust should work incisively with the unreached and help them lead a life of dignity, and through our livelihood interventions give them a better quality of life where their children go to better schools and they have access to better health facilities.
For him to see this trust in the next five years is that he would like Harsha Trust to have established a few robust and sustainable livelihood models, impacted livelihoods of over 2 lakh of the most vulnerable families in South Odisha, and see many development leaders taking up the role of mentors to many professionals and para professionals.
Other than all these, the most important gesture for the members in this trust should be to understand his vision and turn it into their vision. He believes that the people working definitely understand and share his vision. He quotes, ‘I strongly believe so, seeing the ownership of the colleagues in the Trust, I can say that we have shared vision to improve the quality of life of the rural poor.’
We need to work closely with the rural poor to bring about any changes in their lives. Ultimate motive that he believes in.
“You work with good people or you be around good people.”