Kallul Bora (Executive Director)

Coordinator joined the trust on the 16th November 2005. His journey along through these lines have been finely interesting, he had initially joined as he needed a job for his livelihood but today he thinks the trust has grown tremendously good in the last five years. Harsha trust has achieved growth on agriculture development, cooperative development, community mobilization , fund mobilization and utilization , human resources development , bankable model of livelihood, family coverage , reach to unreached, local youth development and tribal families development .
Initially Harsha Trust started works on institutions building. As they entered in to the livelihood sector many problems like capital mobilization , product development , market establishment , business development , farmers ownership development are faced by me . The funding also very limited which prevent me to piloting activities for poorest of the poor. Initially the knowledge sources inside the organization also limited which create problem on taking decision in many aspects. The one of the major challenges is the continuation of livelihood activities on grant as the funding now dried up and our farmers still interested for grant.
He himself has had an immense change through these years in the trust, from leaving is family to having a vision about this trust. He says, Initially he did not have a clear vision about the trust and at the present moment, the senior management and him understand the vision.
He believes five years down the line, he would see the trust will have 100 development leaders working through trained 2000 numbers of village level youth providing services to more than 10 lakh families in Odisha through more than 100 community institutions and producers organizations .
Lastly, his experience here has been worthwhile and he also has had a lot of new experiences. A factor that he’d remember the most or something that has stayed with him would be Creating livelihood within their practice and culture changes my thinking to design more traditional livelihood activities for poor people where small changes bring many differences.