Donate For Dignity Campaign

There is no better gift than providing warm clothing to the needy during winter season. Lakhs of homeless experience bitterness of winter and are at a great risk of suffering from severe illnesses.

The rise in air pollution levels and the early onset of winter this year have made them vulnerable, but at the same time it has given us an opportunity to serve humanity by donating blankets to the needy.

This winter, become a part of our mission. There cannot be a bigger satisfaction than saving someone’s life.

We regularly need volunteers, sometime on project-to-project basis, and sometimes for ongoing programmers. If you are a corporate, looking for ways for meaningful involvement of your employees in community service by contribution of time, talent, energy, skills and resources, we will be more than happy to be your active partner. 



Healthcare always remains as top priority for Harsha trust. We continue to address the health needs of underprivileged children and women through our dedicated health center. Over the past years, our partnerships with various hospitals and medical practitioners have benefited thousands of people in urban slums, remote rural areas and in natural disaster zone by conducting health camps.

Majority of the underprivileged patients admitted in Government hospitals are those who come from nearby states are often poor, in several cases family members decide to stay hungry to save money.

Harsha Trust serve free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from a far-off places to the hospitals for often longer treatments.

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