Mr. Kalyan Kumar Banerjee: Chairman

Kalyan Kumar Banerjee graduated in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi and has a Masters in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur. He is among the ten co-founders of Mindtree, a Global IT leader company. As part of Mindtree, Kalyan has conceived and explored Knowledge Management, the Culture and Competence Initiative, and its Leadership Development program. Kalyan was instrumental in defining a learning culture, introducing communities to foster a learn and share ecosystem, teaching systematic innovation, and building programs for lifelong learning. Prior to Mindtree, Kalyan worked in Wipro’s R&D for thirteen years, most of it on the UNIX kernel.Having worked in the growth and transformation of the computer industry for 26 years, Kalyan joined Centurion University as Pro -Vice Chancellor in June 2012 to bring changes in the academia of Odisha. He is also the Founder Director of Klorofeel Foundation, an organization having intrinsic focus on delivering effective and inspiring education for the under-served. He is also associated with startups like Reap Benefit, Walnut, Vidya Kshetra, iAccept, Spaneos, Rise High Public School, Posibolt and Showhow2. He thrives to build people through the process of peer learning, making sense of out of diverse signals, systems thinking and with a strong reason to believe that everyone has potential and purpose.

Prof. Haribandhu Panda: Managing Trustee

Prof. Haribandhu Panda, Vice Chancellor, Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM), Odisha, has more than 35 years of national and international experience in academics and industry. Prior to Joining Centurion University, Prof. Panda worked in organisations like Human Development Foundation, Bhubaneswar, Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), Anand; South East Asia Technology Co., Ltd., Bangkok; National Thermal Power Corporation, Ltd, Delhi; and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok. He is actively associated with a number of Civil Society Organisations in Odisha and outside. His education includes Ph.D. in Management of Technology and M. Eng. in Energy Technology from the AIT, Bangkok; MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi; and B. Eng. (Mechanical) from NIT, Rourkela. His teaching, research and consulting interests are in the areas of Strategic Management, Management of Technology, Energy Management and Institution Design and Development. Presently he works broadly in the areas of technology-led, market linked, sustainable livelihood security; and high quality education of underprivileged.


Dr. Annapurna Devi Pandey : Trustee

Faculty of Cultural Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Pandey holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and was a Post- doctoral fellow in Social Anthropology at Cambridge. Her research interests are women’s activism and leadership in the context of State and Multi-National Corporations, their economic and political empowerment in rural and tribal India; and women’s identity making in the Odia Diaspora in California. She is the author of numerous essays on Indian Women’s activism, agency, entrepreneurship and empowerment in India and Indian diaspora. Currently she is a senior Fulbright U.S. Scholar working in Odisha, India. Her research project focuses on the impact of skill training on everyday life of rural and tribal women in Odisha. She is an accomplished filmmaker (Homeland in the Heart; The Myth of Buddha’s Birthplace (with Prof. James Freeman) and Road to Zuni. She was President of the Orissa Society of the Americas (2011- 2013), the oldest socio-cultural organization of diasporic Odias in North America.

Mr. Sujit Mohapatra: Trustee

A post graduate in English from University of Hyderabad and degree in English Literature from Delhi University. He is the Founder and Secretary of Bakul Foundation-Yes We Can -Be the Change, an NGO defining the concept of “Volunteer Capitalism” where the Volunteers inspires and brings more people to volunteer. His core concept is to help people realize their power and their role in bringing about a change in society. Within a very short span of time, more than 2000 individuals have been actively involved in this movement. He started with the pledge campaign which motivates others to get involved and made them also believe in the possibility of success. He coined the passion of volunteerism which works with enthusiasm so that more meaningful intervention can happen. Sujit is felicitated as Odisha Youth Inspiration Award 2015 and Odisha Living Legend Award 2015.


Nisha Jamvwal: Trustee

Columnist, author, brand consultant, designer -Nisha Jamvwal’s work in branding, luxury, social causes, Interiors Architecture & design blend seamlessly, converting her passion for the creative and visual arts into her work where all synergise seamlessly.
She authors six
columns as well and does television shows on design.
In Nisha you find adversity has become an ally where her inspiring story even drew the attention of international best selling author Jeffrey Archer so that he has chronicled her life story in ‘And Thereby Hangs A Tale’ where she is called by her real name.
Nisha is also a craft crusader and works to save our traditional heritage. She has authored two books on traditional Indian craft & is working also with activist Abha Singh to make India Accessible

Prof. D.V.Ramana: Trustee



Nivedita Narain: Trustee