Journey of Krushna Melaka

The Soft Touch for a Blooming Success

Name: Krushna Melaka
Village: Garadi; G.P: Chancharaguda; Block: Bissamcuttack; District:Rayagada
Occupation: Farming

Krushna Melaka was a marginal tribal farmer lives in the rural under developed village of Garadi. His family comprised with 6 members consists of husband and wife along with two sons and two daughters. He has 6 acres of unproductive land. Out of which only acre land he used to cultivate food crops. The produce used to feed them for 5 months and rest he had to manage by taking pretty loans. The owner of 6 acres used to go for daily wage labour to supplement his livelihood.


In the year 2012 he came in contact with Pragati Agriculture & NTFP Cooperative society ltd (PANTFPCSL). By the encouragement of PANTFPCSL staf and after an exposure visit to Agroforestry plantation he agreed to plant Eucalyptus in 2 acres of his field under UPNRM schemes of NABARD. He became a member of PANTFPCSL and received a loan amount of 28583 with rate of interest 12% from PANTFPCSL. He planted 1728 clones in the month of June 2012 under the supervision of PANTFPCSL stafs. He took proper care of his eucalyptus plantation and his field becomes an exposure site for many prospective eucalyptus farmers. The total investment over the 3 year period has been Rs 28583 and the total interest amount Rs 13512 which was raised as loan from the cooperative. At the end of 3rd year in December, 2015 he harvested 55.99ton from 1320nos of his eucalyptus plants and received the amount of Rs 255219. The success encouraged him to expand this model. He further planted 2 acres in 2015 and 1 acre in 2016 under UPNRM with the support from cooperative. After the loan and interest payment to the cooperative he received Rs 157134 as net return profit from selling plantation to JKPM through PANTFPCSL.


26.06.2012 MB plough(4 hrs)@800 3200
27.07.2012 Clone 9275
27.07.2012 Foret 168
27.07.2012 Pitting Cost 2160
27.07.2012 Transportation Of clone 860
27.07.2012 Fertilizer(NPK)100kg@17 1700
08.10.2012 Fertilizer(NPK)40kg@17 680
08.10.2012 Fertilizer(DAP)50kg@18.90 945
08.10.2012 Fertilizer(UREA)125kg@5.60 700
08.10.2012 Chloropyrophus(4 lit) 894
21.03.2014 Plant Insurance 652
22.03.2014 Ploughing 433
22.03.2014 Fertilizer transport 30
18.05.2014 MB plough(5:22hrs)@800 4293
30.03.2015 Farmer Insurance 60
14.07.2015 MB plough(3:10hrs)@800 2533
Total Interest amount 13512
07.12.2015 Transportation cost of Pulpwood (55.99 ton*500) 27995
07.12.2015 Labour cost for cutting and loading(55.99 ton*500) 27995
Total Expenditure amount 98085

Pulpwood selling cost (55.99 ton*4558) = 255219 ;Total Expenditure= 98085
Net profit he earned (255219-98085) = 157134(One lakh fifty-seven thousand one hundred thirty four only)

The returns were more than what he had imagined. With this profit amount he purchased a bike (Hero Splendor iSmart) worth of 63000, buy 1 acre of Land worth of Rs 70,000 and saved the remaining in bank. Now he has come a long way become President of PANTFPCSL elected from BOD by the cooperative members in 2015. Now he is motivating other farmers to promote Agroforestry model plantation in their unutilized degraded lands through PANTFPCSL under UPNRM schemes of NABARD. In addition to this, he is expected to have a sale realization of Rs.3 lakh at the end of 10th year and 2.5 lakh at the end of 15th year. This has inspired him to devote enough efort to his agro-forestry plantations for maximum return in future. Today Krushna Melaka is very pleased and expressed his appreciation to PANTFPCSL for their boundless support and cooperation.