Drinju First Enterprenuer Of Khuntabadi


The efficiency of marketing of vegetables in Odisha especially in Tribal bucket of Rayagada district of Muniguda Block has been of significant concern in the recent days. In the tribal bucket farmers typically depend heavily on middlemen particularly in vegetables marketing.The producers and consumers often get a poor return and the middlemen control the market. In these days of commercial agriculture, it will be more appropriate to say, “a good farmer has only his hands on the plough but both eyes on the market”. An efficient marketing is an important means of raising the income level of farmers and the level of satisfaction of the consumer.

In the year 2004 late Drinju Jakesika at the age of 58 was offered a duty to serve water in the road side NH-26 (towards Bh.Patna) of Khuntabadi village during summer season. Drinju an inhabitant of Khuntabadi village coming under Patraguda Gram Panchayat and 10 km away from Block head Quarter Muniguda. As he was not working those days due to old age the then Sarapancha of his village Indra Jakesika handed the responsibility to fetch water during summer season in the road side un behalf of Sibapadar Panchayat. Drinju happily accepted the work with a thought that in his last stage atleast he can fetch water to the traveler.

Drinju started the work with sincerity and after a few days he feel bored and he wanted to engage himself with other activity. But he couldn’t find any solution. When he was serving the water he found some ripe mango falling down from the Mango trees & he collected those fruits with carefully. He started tasting the fruits which was very good and he thought that if I will sell to the visitors they could buy the fruits. And he started collecting mango from the plant and nearby plant and divided in to some part. People started purchasing those mangos. And looking after the selling some children started gathering and saling mango there with Drinju. Again old women join hand to hand with the children & Drinju.

In 2005 Drinju due to old age, fever & diarrehea closed his eyes. But the market which he stands there not closed. Year by year more women started business and numbers of seasonal item selling increased. In 2004 only mango was sold out but after that mushroom, Char nut, jamu koli,

Bamboo, Forest green like Koilari leaves etc started saling by the villagers till 2010. In 2010 another milestone added in the road side marketing like vegetable brinjal, tomato, ridge gourd, bitter gourd etc added flavour in the market during kharif post kharif season till the month of December.it was continued till 2013. 2014 has seen another milestone when Harsha Trust started work in the village of Khuntabadi. People started hybrid and hy yielding vegetable production practices like cabbage, cauliflower, pointed gourd & other vegetables. The advanced agricultural practices like soil testing, seed testing, appropriate time of sowing, timely irrigation, proper time of harvesting, etc. adopted by the farmers due to regular training and engagement of Harsha Trust professional. So women started year round vegetable sailing from the year onwards.

In 2016 Harsha Trust initiated value addition in the marketing system. Women have sold the vegetables in road & Harsha trust teaches them how to add value by making self. Instead of selling vegetables in part system now they were taught how to sell by weighing the things. The women farmer of the village has formed one Vegetable Producer group called Brundabati and united all to solve their issues. Again from Axis Bank Foundation CEO Mr. Jacob Ninan, Programme Officer Vineeth, ED from Harsha Trust, Bhubaneswar Mr Gautam Kumar Pradhan, projected ED Mr Dr. Kallul Bora, Programme coordinator, Mr Shrikant Mohanta, Team Leader Sarat Kumar Sahoo and Staff of Muniguda presented at Khuntabadi and inaugurated the Daily Market and donated weighing machine by Axis Bank Foundation for healthy business on 16th of January, 2017.



Now not only Khuntabadi farmers are sailing their vegetables but also villagers of Kebedatola & Hatipadar farmers are coming to sale their product in the road side. The daily customer from Muniguda, near by villagers & those are going in the road purchase the vegetables in cheap price. Now the village Khuntabadi is going to be a vegetable hub. The producer group has planned to build a shade in the road side and will serve water in all round the year. Harsha Trust also promises them to support in the event.




No doubt Drinju couldn’t thought one day his time pass work would be a daily market and about 25 families depend upon the market. His noble effort came fruitfull when Harsha Trust development professional joint hand with the women SHG farmers. Mrs.— the producer group member happily shared her views that due to “Harsha Trust value addition support more customer come to us and the selling of vegetable increases from rs-150/- to Rs-500/- per day”. Mrs—- the prsident of producer group deeply happy with the hand holding support provided by Harsha Trust and told “due to new vegetable intervention like Pointed Gourd, Water Lemon, off season cauliflower, cucumber , greens of Palanga customer attarcted towards our market”.


Sarat Kumar Sahoo