Harsha Trust in partnership with Klorofeel Foundation has been creating an enabling environment;  where learning is funfilled and  situation  specific. The Purpose of the  intervention is to explore innovative methodology  to deliver relevant learning. We focus on an integrated  approach of head, heart and hand while the learning happens with the children. The entire model challenges the centralized practices of deciding on a common curriculum and yardsticks to select a teacher. We  practice pushing   the same lessons to all children irrespective context or readiness and making the score marks in the standard assessment. Teacher’s role in the learning centre is to inspire and create theRead More →

Coming down on the contemporary line, DebasisPati who joined the organization on 2nd May 2014, joined recently and is passionate about working with this trust. When asked what made him join this organization, he had a blissful answer saying, I have shifted myself from a Govt. outfit, St & SC Development Dept. Govt. of Odisha. I have been positioned as the unit head. But the type of job I was handling is not better than a senior clerk. Though I am by profession an Agro Engineer I managed to get very less time to exercise my skill, professional knowledge & support as required by theRead More →

Coordinator joined the trust on the 16th November 2005. His journey along through these lines have been finely interesting, he had initially joined as he needed a job for his livelihood but today he thinks the trust has grown tremendously good in the last five years. Harsha trust has achieved growth on agriculture development, cooperative development, community mobilization , fund mobilization and utilization , human resources development , bankable model of livelihood, family coverage , reach to unreached, local youth development and tribal families development . Initially Harsha Trust started works on institutions building. As they entered in to the livelihood sector many problems likeRead More →

When asked Mr. Soumyajeet Swain, coordinator (project) said that he had joined the trust in June 2010 and had basically joined because he liked to help people and wanted to do something on a grass root level, he was previously associated with Reliance and heard of this organization through a friend. Furthermore, he also wanted to develop his skills for helping the community. Similarly, When having a conversation with Mr. Soumyajeet Swain, this organization introduced him to a lot many new things that helped him in his personal life. He mainly realized as to how people in the poor areas could not manage or affordRead More →